Tuesday, March 9, 2010

music blog: take one

Hey there, this is Adam Robinson with a brand spankin' new blog, solely devoted to music. So what will it entail? Glad you asked.

Since my main blog is kinda disjointed between church talk/fitness/music, I decided I'd devote a blog solely to music. It's my release and my favorite hobby.  To say that I love music is an understatement of epic proportions. 

On this blog I will post videos of songs I grew up loving. The songs that made me who I am today (in regards to what types of music move me). I'll post some ideas of songs that I'm writing. I will even probably post a demo or two (or 500, depending on whether or not I can find the time!). 

First, a little background. At the moment I am working with my church youth in a band called the SMASH Band. The name comes from the acronym SMASH (Student Ministries at Spring Hill) and it is basically a worship ministry. I have different kids come in and either play instruments or sing on Wednesday nights/ occasional Sunday mornings. It's very fun and rewarding. 

In addition to that, I have written a few songs of my own and am trying to continue letting those juices flow. All the songs I've written so far have been worship-based, and I'm trying my hand at other types as well. Hopefully as I continue to grow musically, I can share that here on Blogger.

So I will try to upload some fun stuff in the coming days. Thanks for reading!

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